Christmas Services 2022

We originally planned our traditional Friday Carol Service for 23rd December but after full discussion we have decided that this is not viable for the congregation. Instead, we are holding a Christmas Carol Service kindly led by Peter Flower on Sunday 18th December at 4.30.  We will follow the service with a mince pie and … Read more

Reminder of Malcolm Sadler’s obituary

Malcolm Sadler Although Malcolm Sadler never trained or wanted to train for the Ministry he was a powerful force in keeping Unitarianism in the Midlands very much alive over many decades as a Lay Leader. He was instrumental in maintaining our witness in both Warwick and Banbury as well as taking frequent services in many … Read more

Memorial plaque to Malcolm Sadler

On October 2nd Diane Rutter led an entertaining Harvest service designed to make us reflect on the meaning of Harvest these days when we have little immediate call to refer back to the original significance of the agricultural year. There was a generous collection of modern foodstuff for the local Food Bank, largely in the … Read more

Reflections on the death of the Queen

Reflections in the run-up to the funeral of the Queen I was writing a piece as Chairman, reflecting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II to put on our Chapel website, but I realise that the views I express here are personal and may not be shared by everyone.  They should certainly not be read … Read more

Change of service leader

The service on Sunday 25th September will now be taken by Peter Flower.  We are grateful to Peter for stepping in to replace Mark Hutchinson.

Chapel Window – 29 August 2022

Chapel Window 29 August   We have finally managed to get the broken pane in one of the Chancel windows repaired.  The damage occurred months ago in a storm which somehow blew out a single pane in the middle of one of the original leaded windows, presumably dating back to the building of the Chapel … Read more

Send a Child to Hucklow

On Sunday 28th August the Congregation, led by Elaine Nomura, will hold a service to celebrate 60 years of the Unitarian Charity called Send a Child to Hucklow.  The Nightingale Centre in Great Hucklow in the Peak District has been the base for a life enhancing holiday ‘camp’ for children from very deprived areas, organised … Read more

Commonwealth Games August 2022

Commonwealth Games The Cycling Road Race event for the Commonwealth Games 2022 will take place on SUNDAY August 7thand involves closing off many of the streets in central Warwick, including the High Street. The cyclists will ride right past the Chapel many times during the day as the men complete 10 laps and the women … Read more

Update on Services – June 2021

The good news is that, after the Chapel remaining closed for the lockdown months, our weekly services resumed on Sunday 30th May.

Update on Services – December 2020

We are able to hold our three Sunday services for December in the chapel, following all the required protocols and thanks to the support from our stalwart service leaders, Diane Rutter and Gavin Lloyd. These services are on 6th, 13th and 20th with no further services for December.